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Duel at the Top (Disponible en Anglais)

Walking to his car after his first board meeting, Leo had the same thought coming back: 'How the hell did we not see this coming? Here we have been negotiating with these guys for a few months.Just a month after the signature, turns out they are not the solid duo that we thought we invested in. This business story contends that a key to possibly fixing a duel at the top of an organisation is understanding the quality of its foundation. An absolute must for top managers and directors! En savoir plus...

InTEAMacy (Disponible en Anglais, gratuit)

CEO Tim doesn’t know what to do about his management team. Collaboration is at an all-time low. He can’t seem to recapture his former successes working with this new team. He seeks external help. This business story describes in vivid detail how tensions at the top of an organization grow and how they can threaten its success. It provides clear pointers as to how collaboration in the top team can be improved. En savoir plus...

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